Heather & MacLean: Married at Castle Hill, Crane Estate!

This is a long one folks, so grab your lunch and settle in!  Heather & MacLeans wedding day was calling for rain all week, and not just a few drops here and there, but thunderstorms all day.  So when the sun made its appearance, and stayed for the duration of the day (with a quick break during dinner), it was kind of a sign that the day was going to be awesome, no matter what happened.   With the weather on our side, Heather looking stunning in her gown from La Sposa Bridal, absolutely gorgeous flowers from Pepperberry’s, and Castle Hill at Crane Estate serving as the perfect backdrop, I was in for a treat.  I was joined by my awesome assistant (and husband!) Josh, as well as my awesome colleague Doug Levy, who captured some great images of the guys and reception details (among others!).

Heather and MacLean are too adorable together, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t talk about them for days on end after their wedding.  These two are some of the most caring, compassionate, and thoughtful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and their wedding day matched their personalities perfectly.

Heather and MacLean opted for a first look, where they get to spend their first moments seeing each other on their wedding day alone and have a bit of time together.  I love this moment for the couple, because seeing their eyes light up in a way that they only can when nobody else is watching makes me tear up, every time.

It’s not raining – fist pump!

After Heather & MacLean had their time, we invited our rockstar bridal party to join in the fun (bonus points for first looks – everyone gets to go enjoy cocktail hour and party!).

Heather’s parents had married at Crane Estate in the 70’s, and were thrilled to be returning for such a wonderful celebration.


This is one of my favorite mom & daughter moments.  This family is so full of joy.

While guests arrived and waited for the ceremony to begin, they spent time reading Heather & MacLeans “So you’re going to sit through a wedding?  A practical guide to staying awake: who’s who, what’s to eat, and what’s going on throughout the evening. (If it’s raining, fend for yourselves.)”

This was a ceremony filled with laughs, tears, smiles, and personal touches.  MacLeans mom wasn’t able to be at the wedding (I know she was definitely there in spirit!), so the couple asked his mom’s two best friends to officiate the ceremony, and wrote some of the most honest and touching vows to each other, completely memorized no less!

I love when my second shooter and I catch different versions of the exact same moment.  I caught our adorable flower girl sneaking a wave in at her great grandma, and Doug caught her beaming right back!


Heather’s friend from college, Rae Sterling sang one of the most beautiful renditions of Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World” for the couple’s first dance.

Fireside Catering & Cakes for Occasions put together a wonderful dessert & cheese display!

Before DJ Raffi opened the dance floor, Heather & MacLean made a heartfelt PBR (MacLean’s mom’s favorite!) toast thanking their guests, and in honor of MacLean’s mom and Mother’s Day, every single mom in attendance had a personalized card waiting for them at the end of the night. With a start to dancing like this, everyone was ready for a celebration!

Heather & MacLean, I cannot thank you both enough for allowing me to celebrate such a wonderful and beautiful wedding day with you!!!!

Castle Hill Crane Estate Wedding | Caroline Talbot Photo | ctalb

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