Jill & Brian: Engaged! | A Bay Farm Engagement Session in Duxbury, MA

I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful day!  We have been having some crazy weather in the Northeast, and Jill and I had been chatting about how crazy it was that we had to reschedule their engagement session three times due to rain, and I am sure glad we did!  Last Thursday was calling for rain as well, but the afternoon turned out to be just a stellar evening for an engagement session.  I met Jill and Brian at Bay Farm Field in Duxbury, where they normally take their dog, Sam, to walk.  Bay Farm Field is a huge field with mowed pathways down to the marsh and ocean, and I could have photographed there for hours (lucky for Brian, we didn’t stay for hours!).  With Sam being pretty much the most chill dog I’ve ever met, we took him for a quick walk, and he just hung out and enjoyed the fresh air during the rest of the shoot.  While Brian may not be the biggest fan of being on the front end of a camera, he was a trooper and despite his best efforts, every time he looked at Jill, the most adorable smirk came across his face.

Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_001 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_002 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_003 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_004 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_005 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_006 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_007 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_008 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_009 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_010 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_011 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_012 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_013 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_014 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_015 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_016 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_017 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_018 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_019 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_020 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_021 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_022 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_023 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_024

Brian is a Harley guy, so naturally, he rode his down for the session and we took full advantage.

Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_025 Bay_Farm_Engagement_Session_Duxbury_026


Jill & Brian, I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!


  • Caroline these images are stunning! What a lucky couple to have these to treasure. That location is amazing!

  • Katie said:

    Jill they were ALL amazing. I have many faves, but the one that I feel like symbolizes you two is the one of you both sitting on the bike! What beautiful locations also!! Congrats!!

  • Tears in my eyes! These are so beautiful! I could'nt be any happier for you both! XO

  • Andrea Willis said:

    OMG these pictures are so beautiful!!! You both look amazing!!! I can only imagine how incredible the wedding pictures are going to be, can't wait!

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