Jeff & Chris: Married! | A Commander’s Mansion Wedding

Before 2015 closes today, we had to share our last wedding of the season, and boy did the season go out in style.  We were so lucky to have a mild November and December, with lots of shoots that will be shared in the new year, but we couldn’t let the year end before sharing Chris & Jeff’s amazing and emotional wedding day.  This was truly a joining of two families, and Chris & Jeff made sure to embrace that in every detail.  With Chris’ family traveling across the Atlantic from Ireland, along with Jeff’s family from the Azores, everyone was bursting with excitement for these two grooms.  After this wedding, we can safely say no celebration is complete without donuts from Blackbird (you’ll see what I mean below!).  We are so lucky to have these two lovely men as part of our lives now, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.  Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0001 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0002 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0003 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0004 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0005 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0006 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0007 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0008 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0009 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0010 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0011 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0012 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0013 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0014 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0015 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0016 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0017 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0018 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0019 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0020 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0021 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0022 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0023 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0024 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0025 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0026 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0027Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0029 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0030

It’s so fun when a whole family gets into an idea.  Jeff (not so jokingly) asked for a Kardashian Christmas Card photo, and everyone humored us as we styled the room and asked them to look at us like they thought they were better than everyone – nailed it!  (This image was followed by hysterical laughter.)Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0028 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0031 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0032 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0033

This was such a moving ceremony.  With a tree planting ceremony including soil from their home towns as well as their home countries, and wrapping up with Chris’ vows ending with his only wish – that he could travel back in time to the younger version of himself back in Ireland to let him know that on November 7, 2015, he was going to marry the man of his dreams, and know that his future is happy. There was not a dry eye in the house.Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0034 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0035 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0036 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0037 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0038 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0039 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0040 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0041 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0042 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0043 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0044 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0045 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0046 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0047 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0048 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0049 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0050 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0051 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0052 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0053 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0054 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0055 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0056 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0057 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0058 Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0059

Before we said goodnight, we snuck out to take advantage of how romantic the outside of the Commander’s mansion is at night, and left these two to finish their celebration with two amazing families.Commanders_Mansion_Wedding_Watertown_0060


Vendor team: Photography: Caroline Talbot Photography Venue: Commander’s Mansion Videography: City Point Films DJ: Beat Train Productions Donut Cake: Blackbird Doughnuts

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  • Stacy Graham said:

    LOVED looking at these! All the emotion that was captured and the pictures showing all the careful detail put into this special day! So much love <3

  • Jeff DaRocha-Boyle said:

    Can't stop looking! Thanks so much again, Caroline & Josh! You guys really are the best at what you do! xo

  • Such an amazing looking at these pics over n over x

    • I love all your photos. It's so much fin to see them all!

    • You guys are one of the ones that will be making an appearance soon! I'll be sharing a 2015 recap first, and you guys will be in there first, but you'll get a full blog post too!

    • I am excited to see mine, but even way before we picked you I would stalk you blog all the time.

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