Happy Holidays from the newest elves of Caroline Talbot Photo! Chloe & Eliza, the Christmas Elves

If you need a weekend dose of cuteness, it’s right here.  Now that I know the Christmas cards have made their way out, I can finally share some images of my favorite Christmas shoot!  Move over Buddy the Elf, Chloe & Eliza are in town, and they’re totally stealing your thunder.  I may be biased, but how can you not just love these faces?  I’m pretty sure that Santa sent them straight from the North Pole to spread some Christmas cheer.    Eliza definitely made me work for it, but Clo is totally her auntie’s camera ham.  Enjoy!

Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0008 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0010Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0009Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0011 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0012 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0013

Little Miss Mackenzie Is Two! Boston Family Portrait Photographer


Happy Friday, folks!  This week I was able to spend a glorious Sunday evening with the J family, because their superstar, Miss Mackenzie is two!  And despite this little beauty’s small stature, she has a giant personality.  I am pretty sure that we managed to keep the notion that this was actually a photo session a secret from Mackenzie, even though I was the crazy lady with the camera.  To Mackenzie, this was just a fun evening of running, peeking, dancing, spinning, and flowers, all rewarded with a well earned trip for ice cream with mom and dad!    Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_001 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_002 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_003 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_004 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_005 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_006

After some fun swinging, we told Mackenzie there was a doggy in my camera.  I love her look of genuine concern for the poor puppy stuck in there!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_007 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_008 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_009

Mackenzie knew better that something was going on behind her!  Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_010 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_011 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_012 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_013 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_014

This toddler is filled with sass and style – watch out, dad!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_015 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_016 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_017 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_018 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_019 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_020

These three images just crack me up.  They were my last three frames of the evening, and Mackenzie was ready for her ice cream trip.  We said ok, just a couple more, and we’re all done!  Mackenzie looked dad straight in the eye, said “Ok, just one more, Daddy.”  She looked at Mom, for confirmation, and whipped out the sassiest smiley face at me for our last shot.  With that, it was a wrap.  Thank you for being the sweetest little girl, Mackenzie, and thank you to Mom and Dad for having me spend time photographing your beautiful family for an evening!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_021

Abbie & Devin are expecting! A Boston Public Library Maternity Session

Okay, I’m warning you now, get ready for some serious love going on here.  I have never met a more caring and sweet couple than Abbie and Devin.  Ever.  Abbie and Devin met when they were in theatre together, and get this – their first kiss was on stage, before they were dating!  I’m happy to report, things have gone incredibly well for them since then!

I met this dashing duo last year when they were standing in as an engaged couple for a class I was in, found out Abbie was expecting, and that they still hadn’t announced it (check that post out here).  Fast forward seven months, and their little bundle of joy is almost here!  I was beyond excited when Abbie emailed me about a maternity session.  We met at the Boston Public Library for a super fun morning filled with lots of snuggles and giggles.

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Chloe & Eliza are here! A Boston Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am beyond excited to be able to share this post with you, because these two little princesses are my very first nieces!  Chloe and Eliza have already completely won over my heart, and with good reason.  They were cuties from day one, as very healthy and happy twin baby girls.

Newborn_Twin_Girls-1 After some practice with twin bunnies we brought up, the proud dad was already a pro.Newborn_Twin_Girls-3How could you not be excited to see these faces and snuggle?
Newborn_Twin_Girls-2 Newborn_Twin_Girls-4 Less than a week after making their grand entrance, Chloe and Eliza were ready for their first impromptu photo shoot!  They already have their own little personalities.Newborn_Twin_Girls-5 Baby feet times two!Newborn_Twin_Girls-6 “Clo-worm” slept through her turn, for the most part, perfectly posing herself for me and my camera.Newborn_Twin_Girls-8“Eliza-bean”, on the other hand, is already a spitfire, and stared me down! She’s so curious for not even a week!Newborn_Twin_Girls-9Plenty of funny faces… someone takes after her auntie :)
Newborn_Twin_Girls-10 But we did catch one barely sleeping moment!Newborn_Twin_Girls-11 Love you to pieces little ones!  Don’t grow up too fast, ok?Newborn_Twin_Girls-7

Courtney’s Baby Shower | Boston Portrait Photographer

I am pretty partial to these photos, since it means that my beautiful mom-to-be sister in law has two little twin baby girls who are almost ready to make their grand entrance!  A few chilly Saturdays ago, all of Courtney’s family and friends gathered at Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland for a wonderfully home grown shower, with everything times two!

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