A Weekend in the Big Apple!

While I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I have plenty of cousins to make up for it, and this past weekend, Josh and I had the pleasure of heading down to New York City to visit the youngest two of my cousins, Smith, and Elle!  Who wouldn’t have a great time with these two cuties?

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The R Family at Great Brook Farm | Boston Portrait Photographer

I love days that are unusually warm for the time of year!  I love being outside in the fresh air, so today was such a great break from winter.  I was lucky back in November as well, when the R family scheduled their family portrait shoot at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle.

I had a great time wandering all through the grounds of the farm with mom, dad, Colin, and Caroline (what a great name, right?), while the afternoon sun was just perfect.  I told the kids to just do their own thing while I made sure my camera was all set, and that they didn’t have to really pay attention to me – and Colin just totally relaxed and started playing with the grass, so sweet!

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Baby Zach – Larz Anderson Park | Boston Family Portrait Photographer

This weekend has had unusually warm weather for November – we were in the high 60’s on a Saturday morning.  I would much rather take that than our October snowstorm this year!  Mother nature must have known that it would be a perfect morning for this little guy at Larz Anderson Park.  Zach is just six months old, and is already a charmer.  Take a look for yourself!

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