Blue Man Group Boston | The Show and the Shoot

You’ve seen behind the scenes (If you haven’t, click here!), so it’s show time! Blue Man Group is truly an experience, and its pretty impossible to not be involved in the show.  From marshmallows, to Captain Crunch, to the Drumbone, the Blue Men do not look at anything in an ordinary way, and pull the entire audience along for the ride without a single word.  And in that spirit, I’ll let the show images speak for themselves…

Blue Man Group Boston Paint Drums

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And now for something completely different… Caroline Talbot Photography is Blue.

No, I’m not sad, quite the opposite actually! I am very excited to share these next few posts with you! First, a little bit of back story. A couple of months ago, I started the multimedia storytelling modules at CDIA. We were told we had two deliverables. The first was an 8-10 photo essay telling a story about an interesting subject, and the second was to create a 5 minute multimedia piece on that same subject (if you want to skip ahead to the video, click here).

My first thought was “I’m so not into doing a multimedia project, I am a wedding photographer”, very quickly followed by “who the heck do I know that will want to do this?” After racking my brain for a while and coming up with nothing, I took a break and went to editing some images from a recent trip to Vegas, and came across this image (which is NOT of any real people – these are wax figures of the original Blue Men):

The Blue Man Group Wax Statues at the Venetian Grand Canal ShoppesI stopped and looked for a minute, and thought about how Blue Man Group would definitely make for an interesting piece. For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I really enjoy the show and have seen it more than my fair share of times! I’ve always related to the curiosity of the character of the Blue Man, and the quirky ideas that they come up with throughout the performance.

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It’s Spring!

Ok, I have been waiting to say this, partially out of fear of a freak snow storm, but SPRING IS HERE!  I love spring, especially because it means that another winter is over, and I don’t have to lose my shutter finger to frostbite to get outside with my camera again!  I love seeing all of plants in our garden blooming…

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