It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Who doesn’t love the holidays?  This year, Christmas really snuck up on me.  I feel like it was just Thanksgiving, and 2012 is now just a week away!  I have always loved Christmas. It’s always been a really big deal in my family, mostly because it’s the one time we all cram ourself into one of our houses, and really enjoy each other’s company, with no distractions.   The smallest group we have ever had at a house is 12 for Christmas, so there are a lot of us!

I just love everything about the holidays.   From the ornaments on the tree (every one of ours has a story behind it – go ahead, I dare you to find one where I don’t know who gave it to us and when!) to Christmas music, to seeing the looks on the little kids faces when you tell them Santa is on his way, I just eat it all up…

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Meet Peanut!

There’s a new little one in our family, and she has four little paws, super soft fur, and a cute, wet nose!  My grandparents (well, they’re Josh’s grandparents, but I’ve claimed them as my own as well!) just picked up their Christmas puppy yesterday, and late this afternoon, we decided we had to go meet her.  Her name is tentatively Peanut, obviously due to her small stature, but Shadow (from the way she follows you around), Lexi, and Snuggles are all not far behind.  This little Boston Terrier pup will totally melt your heart!

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Well, I finally got my site up and running, so it’s time to start the blog!  Stay tuned – I’ve had a lot going on and have lots of images to share!