Greg Balla – Behind the Blue! A Beacon Hill Actor Headshot Session | Boston Headshot Photographer

It’s been quiet on the blog lately, so I figured it’s time to catch you up on what has been keeping me busy lately, outside of spending lots of time with my lovely couples who are about to or just have tied the knot.

Meet Greg Balla, a dashing and handsome actor that you most definitely have seen on the blog before. Don’t recognize him? You shouldn’t. Confused? Click here. The last image of this post is a dead giveaway.

When Greg decided to join me (after a slight scheduling mishap) for a headshot session, I was pumped. Not only is Greg a permanent cast member at Blue Man Group, he can be found on Boston’s live theater scene, most recently in “By The Way, Meet Vera Stark”.

Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg is a wonderful actor, a great singer, and generally just an awesome person to spend time with. An hour quickly turned into two, as we enjoyed Beacon Hill in the spring between shots. I could listen to Greg talk all day, not only because he’s great to talk to, but his theatrical voice is just wonderful.  Greg has a very genuine and gentle air about him, with probably friendliest eyes I’ve seen to date (yes, eyes can be friendly). Greg Balla, Blue Man Group Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupI teased Greg a bit at how easily he would slide into being his blue self, constantly giving me almost a smirk, without giving me any idea of what sort of what sort of mischief he might be brewing up.
Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg Balla, Blue Man GroupWhile Greg kept a very dapper demeanor for his head shots, here’s some proof of two things: 1) Greg is a (self-proclaimed) professional wall leaner, and 2) I always have fun with my clients, and can be pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupThis is nothing but top-notch wall leaning.
Greg Balla, Blue Man Group Thanks for a great session, Greg, I can’t wait to see your next performance!Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg Balla, Blue Man Group

Imagine Yoga with Jill Boston Fitness Photographer

Everyone can use a little quiet time in their life, and last week, I was able to meet up with Jill of Yoga With Jill for a chilly outdoor headshot session.  It seems like quite some time ago, since in the past week, all the trees in the area have gone from completely stark to all in bloom!  For those of you who practice yoga, you can appreciate the skill Jill has to be able to do this in the cold!   Don’t let the warm sun fool you, there was plenty of wind whipping around us.Yoga_08Yoga_03 Jill was all smiles, she’s quite the friendly yogi!Yoga_05 Yoga_04 Yoga_06 Yoga_09 Yoga_02 I think this is my favorite shot of the afternoon.  The intensity in Jill’s face just says, yeah, I got this eight angle pose.  Nailed it.Yoga_07You’re a beautiful instructor, Jill!  Anyone would be lucky to learn from you!

Abbie & Devin are expecting! A Boston Public Library Maternity Session

Okay, I’m warning you now, get ready for some serious love going on here.  I have never met a more caring and sweet couple than Abbie and Devin.  Ever.  Abbie and Devin met when they were in theatre together, and get this – their first kiss was on stage, before they were dating!  I’m happy to report, things have gone incredibly well for them since then!

I met this dashing duo last year when they were standing in as an engaged couple for a class I was in, found out Abbie was expecting, and that they still hadn’t announced it (check that post out here).  Fast forward seven months, and their little bundle of joy is almost here!  I was beyond excited when Abbie emailed me about a maternity session.  We met at the Boston Public Library for a super fun morning filled with lots of snuggles and giggles.

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Chloe & Eliza are here! A Boston Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am beyond excited to be able to share this post with you, because these two little princesses are my very first nieces!  Chloe and Eliza have already completely won over my heart, and with good reason.  They were cuties from day one, as very healthy and happy twin baby girls.

Newborn_Twin_Girls-1 After some practice with twin bunnies we brought up, the proud dad was already a pro.Newborn_Twin_Girls-3How could you not be excited to see these faces and snuggle?
Newborn_Twin_Girls-2 Newborn_Twin_Girls-4 Less than a week after making their grand entrance, Chloe and Eliza were ready for their first impromptu photo shoot!  They already have their own little personalities.Newborn_Twin_Girls-5 Baby feet times two!Newborn_Twin_Girls-6 “Clo-worm” slept through her turn, for the most part, perfectly posing herself for me and my camera.Newborn_Twin_Girls-8“Eliza-bean”, on the other hand, is already a spitfire, and stared me down! She’s so curious for not even a week!Newborn_Twin_Girls-9Plenty of funny faces… someone takes after her auntie :)
Newborn_Twin_Girls-10 But we did catch one barely sleeping moment!Newborn_Twin_Girls-11 Love you to pieces little ones!  Don’t grow up too fast, ok?Newborn_Twin_Girls-7

Isabelle Music | Boston Headshot Photographer

One of my favorite parts about my job is the people I get to meet and spend time with.  Over the past few years, I have gotten to know a lovely lady that you may recognize as Isabelle, one of the top 20 contestants on this season of American Idol!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with Isabelle on a few occasions, and every time has been just wonderful.  I’m telling you, she is an absolute sweetheart!  With her first top 20 performance coming up as I type, I figured there is no better time to share some of the images that we worked together to make!

Just casually relaxing on the roof deck, and she’s still adorable!

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