And now for something completely different… Caroline Talbot Photography is Blue.

No, I’m not sad, quite the opposite actually! I am very excited to share these next few posts with you! First, a little bit of back story. A couple of months ago, I started the multimedia storytelling modules at CDIA. We were told we had two deliverables. The first was an 8-10 photo essay telling a story about an interesting subject, and the second was to create a 5 minute multimedia piece on that same subject (if you want to skip ahead to the video, click here).

My first thought was “I’m so not into doing a multimedia project, I am a wedding photographer”, very quickly followed by “who the heck do I know that will want to do this?” After racking my brain for a while and coming up with nothing, I took a break and went to editing some images from a recent trip to Vegas, and came across this image (which is NOT of any real people – these are wax figures of the original Blue Men):

The Blue Man Group Wax Statues at the Venetian Grand Canal ShoppesI stopped and looked for a minute, and thought about how Blue Man Group would definitely make for an interesting piece. For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I really enjoy the show and have seen it more than my fair share of times! I’ve always related to the curiosity of the character of the Blue Man, and the quirky ideas that they come up with throughout the performance.

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Working With Models at CDIA

This week we wrapped up working with models, and did I have a good time!  We had two modules with models.  The first was a shooting module, and the second was all solely based on perfecting the images to deliver to the modeling agency for their printed portfolios.

Our first night we worked on basic headshots for the models who came in.  I was able to shoot two models, Brittney and Ferns.  Brittney has such a great personality, and couldn’t help but laughing during our shoot!  I absolutely love her hair!  I had a originally planned a sleek hairstyle, but I just fell in love with her hair the way it was.

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CDIA – Studio Portraits II

This week my class and I finished up another module at CDIA – and had a great time in the process!  This was Studio Portraits II, a continuation of our last module, aptly named Studio Portraits I.  For these classes, we had to bring in people to shoot (I think partially so we didn’t go crazy taking pictures of each other!), and have a full concept for the portrait before we shot it.  On nights that we didn’t shoot, we assisted each other with setups, lights, and generally acting like goofballs to keep our visitors entertained while we worked through our lighting.

The first class I was assisting my friend Nick Bliss, who brought in his friend Spencer.  Spencer is finishing up the film program at CDIA, and is also quite the musician.  Although I wasn’t shooting, I grabbed these two shots towards the end of the night:

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Studio Portraits 1 at CDIA

Our first portrait module is complete!  I am so happy to be photographing people again!  I have to say, our class definitely had fun with this module, and everyone came up with great shots.   In this class we learned the ins and outs of a four light studio setup, and how we can really use them to create exactly what you are looking for.

One thing I’ve learned is that the best part of being in the studio is that you control every source of light.  And that the most frustrating part of being in the studio is that you control every…single…source…of…light.

We started off with a one light setup with a hot light, so we could see exactly what the light looked like before we shot it, using both direct light and bounced light.  Here’s Lauren, who I’m pretty sure has the most energy out of anyone I’ve ever met.  She was so excited when I told her to go ahead and make one of her faces!  I’ll have to share a post of the many faces of Lauren B at some point!

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CDIA – Product & Still Life Lighting

Ok, get ready for a long post, guys! I’m apologizing for the wordiness now – but I thought it would be fun to talk about the though process behind each image and how we got from start to finish!

My class is just wrapping up our first product/still life lighting class at CDIA, with our wonderful instructor, Sharon White. She is the nicest person, and has 20 years of product photography under her belt. I’m going to be honest, I am really surprised at how much I am enjoying this class! We’re learning how to use studio lights to completely control our images and to highlight the properties of our subject. Our main focuses in this class were lighting for texture, metal, and glass.

We started off with texture, which I found to be the easiest of the three. Most subjects I shoot have some sort of texture to them – so figuring out how to control the light to show off that texture made sense to me. I brought in a cowboy hat that I bought a few years ago. I really wish I had more excuses to wear it; I think it’s so fun!

Sharon explained we should focus on one light at a time, and using only that light at first, so we could see exactly what that light was doing. We started by slamming my hat with light on the side, then moving that a little more forward to it would light the front of the hat a little more, and not touch our background at all. Then we used a second light to get the background lit, and to splash a little light from the back. Finally, we turned on both lights, and voila! A very textured cowboy hat, where you can see all those nooks and crannies!

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