About Caroline

Hey, I’m Caroline, and I’d love to photograph your wedding.  I believe that not do you need to love your wedding images, but you really need to click with the person creating those images for you.

I hug my clients. All of ’em. And their families too.

I have an unhealthy obsession with flip flops. I’ve been known to take enough flip flops with me on vacation to be able to wear a different pair every day (or more).

I think ice cream should be a major food group.

I am honored that my couples become friends by the end of their wedding.

I am afraid of bees. If one flies near me, I flail like a crazy person and run away (unless I still need to get the shot).

My husband, Josh, is 100% my better half and my best friend. It’s silly how lucky I am to be able do life as a team with him. We have an amazing little girl in our life that I can only hope grows up to be a lot like him, and maybe a little like me too.

I have a dog, Maddy, who is so happy I call her “stupid happy”, and I love her for it. More people should be stupid happy.

I never take myself seriously. I always take what I do very seriously.

I think weddings are awesome. I know my couples are. They know how to have a good time, and know that there will be hiccups along the way, but their day will still be perfect. They’re crazy excited to be married, and wear their emotions on their sleeves. What’s that you say? You are awesome, crazy excited to be married, and know how important it is to have your story told in photographs? Head on over to my contact page!