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Whether trading stocks or binary options, it is imperative that most traders study charting techniques in order to invest in a good price. It is important to deal extensively with the latest techniques to show a solid knowledge when to invest in a security. The charting technique basically provides a good prediction to discover an appropriate course for oneself. Beginners use different brokers to get a safe start in charting. After all, a little background knowledge must be available, how to deal with the charts and which signals to pay attention to.

The technical analysis

The technical analysis is an integral part of the financial markets. Since the beginning of the 20th century, investors have tried to record particular ratios of values to ensure that good entry points for trading are found. Extensive studies are used to highlight fundamental ratios of a market or company and use them to make forecasts. Price trends are statistics that lead to clear signals with the help of indicator analysis. The actual basic assumption in charting is that past price patterns repeat themselves. Professional traders at have noted points in charts that need to be kept in mind as particular indications. Important methods in charting technique must definitely be followed in order to continue to evaluate the price for yourself. Especially the following point should never be forgotten.

The trend is your friend

The basic rule for the chart technique and the analysis of the technical data is the proverb “The trend is your friend”. This proverb is permanently used in chart analysis to make it clear that you should not go against a trend. Marked movements should not be strengthened in their opposition, because most of the time the same trend direction is maintained. If a stronger movement should be the case, it is a turning point, which is signaled ahead of time. Different extreme points are marked in an analysis, in order to recognize thus clear changes at an early stage. If there is a series of trends with many high points, a downward trend can be detected. But sideways trends are also present when a price is at the same peak for a longer period of time and makes only slight oscillating movements. A straight line can then be introduced into the charts, which gives a clear indication of a sideways trend. Basically, charts can move in three directions:

  •     Upward
  •     Downwards
  •     Sideways

These movements can be detected in chart analysis using different tools. Most often, the Bollinger Bands are used to ensure the highest, middle and low markings for the stock price. It is important that the different trends are clearly defined, thus ensuring that the trend has a longer validity. A trend is then present until it breaks through the price chart and can be seen below or above the curve. It is important that the breakout happens only after the bet. In this case, it is sufficient that the price is noted once during the day to detect possible changes. According to experts, the last markings should be made only after the closing price. Other experts see a trend as completed only when the price is present up to three percent below or above the trend line that has existed so far.