How we make an effective CV

The service analyses the existing document
and determines how your benefits are presented and whether your CV meets the current standards and expectations of the company. Everything from the number of pages to the phrases and morphological forms of words you choose matters.

Based on the results of the review, we assign a task to a team of specialists; this can be as simple as refining the original version or re-creating the CV in several iterations.

Creating a new resume of the desired type

  • Addressed CV

Ideally, it is best tailored for the target company and the position you wish to work in, to ensure all parameters are maintained.

  • Mini resume

We take into account the candidate's promotion methods and channels chosen in the job strategy stages to create a resume that "hits the mark" as accurately as possible.

  • Resumes for professional communities

Nowadays, when an entire company is judged by what its top executives write on their Facebook pages, the smart ones are doing competent PR for themselves on the pages of business communities.

Consider the requirements of the specific professional field

  • Unique and unconventional formats

We use more than 2 000 direct contacts in the promotion of your candidacy, including HR-specialists, company managers and our partners. For "warm contacts" we prepare a supertargeted CV in corporate format.

  • Industry, geographical or speciality specifics

If you apply for a job in an overseas company, it is strategically correct to comply with the unspoken standards and rules of good taste in resume design. Specialists in areas unique to our market also need special representation.

  • Writing letters after the interview

Business history knows many examples of how clever consultants and contractors have secured million-dollar contracts thanks to the fact that they were the only one of all bidders to write to the client after the meeting.

With a follow-up letter, you'll remind yourself, reiterate your benefits and earn bonus points.

In addition to the above service, there is an even more advanced and effective resume writing service called A resume created at is an invaluable aid to your career advancement.

You will be perceived as proactive and going with the times.

Instead of general phrases about you will eloquently tell "catchy" figures and meaningful facts.

We don't use the same CV as a template, but prepare a personalised presentation for each candidate.


Oh hey, I bet you didn’t know we had Vogue models as our grooms, did you?

This is one of my favorite images of the day, of Lorena’s sister quietly helping her with the final buttons of her dress.

Lorena burst into complete laughter when she put her veil on for the first time.

Despite Mother Nature having different plans for us (Josh and I heard some thunder rolling in, so we ended up having to stay closeby to the hotel rather than heading to a nearby park and risking drowning everyone in mud!), we could not have planned for the sheer joy that was Lorena & Thiago’s first look with each other!

If the joy of their wedding could be summed up in one photo, this would be it!

This was my first time being able to photograph the Brazilian tradition of the groom’s tie cutting!  Every male guest is invited strongly encouraged to buy a piece of the groom’s tie for good luck!  

This crew definitely knew how to party, and party into the night they did.

Image by Caroline Talbot Photography |

We are so lucky to have couples who trust us 100%.  For this shot at the end of the night, Josh and I walked up to the happy couple looking most likely like drowned rats after setting up our shot and had the following conversation:

Caroline: Do you want to go outside in the rain?
Lorena: Is it still raining THAT hard?
Caroline: Yup.
Lorena & Thiago: Let’s do it.

Thank you guys for trusting us and our crazy ideas – we love you both, and are so excited to see what life has in store for you!

Image by Caroline Talbot Photography |

  • Ngozi N. said:


    Can you please share the name of the church where the couple wed?


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